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2009-10-28 00:32:04 by fishfood2021

Well thanks to all my loyal fans I made the top 5 this week! Thank you thank you thank you! :D

I hope you all enjoy the song.

Michael Knapp/fishfood2021/DJ Parkour

#1 Top 5


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2009-10-28 02:54:01

Congrats dude. Pretty awesome song, and congrats on your first frontpage newspost =P


2009-10-28 18:45:17

Awesome! Congrats! :D :D :D I had a feeling you would make the top 5!


2009-10-30 17:20:15

my 5th place looks up at u with ENVY!!!


2009-11-01 14:38:57

You definitely deserve it man! It's amazing, maybe I'll be next =] Probably not, but you never know. Haha.

Loved the song, definitely your best work.


2009-11-06 11:54:06

Dont Worry Abotu Mills, Hes just a Failure of Newgrounds, Anyone who talks shit about me i usually Check my Song and the persons songs who did talk shit about me, If the person has higher song ratings overall , i see if thers anythning wrng (Not like i already do), But if its lower thanmy overall rating, then to mee its a noob BAwwing Out that evreyone is better than he is.

OH and Congrats On the Top 5.

~I have Spoken~


2009-12-30 22:13:15

Mr Knapp, I am eagerly awaiting more music.
It's been over a month D:


2011-09-09 05:25:53

big deal, don't let get to your head

fishfood2021 responds:

This update was 2 years ago. Chill out homie.