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2009-03-31 23:35:21 by fishfood2021

If anyone would like to donate $10 and support me and my music I have a CD available. The donation with include a case with a cover (the picture below), a list of songs, and amazing CD art.

Songs that are featured include:
1. Gotham Circus
2. Hide and Seek {Techno Mix}
3. Impulse
4. Insomnia
5. Jester
6. Mr. Brightside Remix
7. Skeletons
8. The Other Side
9. Speed of Sound Techno
10. Demetia
11. Break Me Down
12. Escape
13. Forever Gamer Revamped

If you would like to recieve a CD just pm me and I'll give you an adress to send the money to and I'll ship you one straight out to you ASAP. If you are not interested in donating atleast shows some interest and add my personal and music myspace.

Fishfood2021 Personal Myspace
Fishfood2021 Music Myspace

Thanks to all the supporters!

(DJ Parkour is my alternate alias) You can call me Michael if you want :)

CDs For Donators


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2009-04-01 02:55:40

I've uploaded the conficker virus on the servers, this site should be going down by tomorrow morning.

Have a lovely day. Yours truly,

~ Clock-Ninja


2009-04-06 21:28:28

10$ sounds good!
i want to donate. But like put ten in a envelope and mail it ???

fishfood2021 responds:

Yeah thats all I can do because I don't have a pay pal account set up. Sorry :P. I'll pm you :D.


2009-04-07 12:04:48

Fishfood2021 an idea i can give you is somehow find out how to put your album on itunes, lots of artists on ng have done it i don't know how. Btw nice hide and seek mix :DDD

fishfood2021 responds:

I won't be able to put my remixes on their because theres copyright issues. So this is all I can do for now. Thanks for your concern though :).


2009-04-10 17:39:46

Nice album art, but isn't that swirly thing one logo of the xbox 360? Wouldn't want any NG musician to get in any legal trouble.

(Updated ) fishfood2021 responds:

I dont think its from Xbox O.o I'll look into it lol

Edit - Oh crap... it is! O.o Damn... I'll make an original -.-


2009-06-19 06:06:08 KmCiw
Your work above.

fishfood2021 responds:

Thanks homie!! You're awesome!


2009-07-26 08:55:58

Can I make a request that you remix the 'Still Alive' Portal song?
You'd do it freaking sick.


2009-08-11 09:29:16

Just orgasmed (not literally) when I saw, just now, that you'd done a cover of Life In Technicolor (ii, I might observe)


2009-08-12 22:20:56

I want to stick my labia into your asshole


2009-09-06 20:07:00

Oh crap, dude I just realized who you are...